consigner registration




How to Participate:

  1. Register for a consignor number, choose a drop-off appointment, and select a volunteer shift (optional).
  2. Price, tag and prep your items.
  3. Print tags and pin or tape them securely to your items.
  4. Drop-off your items at the sale
  5. Shop
  6. Pick-up your unsold items or allow them to be donated to charity, that is if you have any unsold items.
  7. Cash your check which will be mailed to you within 10 daysof the sale.

Why sell with Polka Tot?

Consignor Incentives



What to sell
Polka Tot will accept just about any gently used (or new) items for infants, children, or pre-teens. This includes, but is not limited to, clothes, shoes, toys, bedding, gear, books, games, sports equipment, bicycles, furniture, feeding items, carriers, strollers, high chairs… Maternity clothes in good condition are also accepted.

Polka Tot will not accept items that are broken, stained, ripped, dirty or smell of smoke or mildew. We cannot accept items that have been recalled unless the recall has been fixed. Expired carseats and carseats that have been in an accident are not accepted. Formula and food items are not accepted.

All items must be clean and in good working condition. If you wouldn’t buy the item, don’t sell it. If an item requires batteries, they must be installed so shoppers can test the item.

How to Price your Items
You are welcome to price your items as you see fit, however at consignment sales items typically sell for 25-30% of retail cost.

On Sunday we offer a half-price sale day
You can choose whether or not to discount your items when you create your tags. We recommend discounting your items because we have lots of shoppers who come back on Sunday for great deals and getting some money for your items is better than getting none, right? If you choose not to discount, your items will still be available for sale on Sunday at full price.

How to Prep your Items: